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Tahrİksan Reducer

Young and idealistic engineer Baha tin and a group of engineers friend reducer amateur spirit in the first quarter of 1970 and began to variyat manufacturing.



Nondriven reducers companies belonging to the product series is available here, you can browse the product details.


Gear Selection Program

Gear Selection Program, with the gear unit without drive belonging to the group of product options that provide the services you are provided so you can easily Gear elections.


Video Gallery

We took it without drive the gear unit consists of production and how their products can review the videos here.



What is Gearbox?
Good for?
What Does It Work? You'll find answers to such questions can be found here in our makaleler post.



Trade shows, you can find information as to where and when the gear is fair here.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 - Redüktörümün garanti kapsamı nedir?

    • Gearboxes and motorized gearboxes are guaranteed for two years except for electric motors. Please refer to the manufacturer's warranty certificate or the owner...

  • 2 - Teknik resim indiremiyorum ne yapmalıyım?

    If you are unable to download the technical picture you are looking for, please contact us at

  • 3 - Teslim süresini etkileyen unsurlar nelerdir?

    One of the most important factors affecting the delivery time is the additional features made out of standard products. Apart from this, it should be ordered according to stock status. Disruptions ...

  • 4 - Servis faktörü birin altında olan redüktör kullanmalı mıyım?

    According to the application, if the working conditions are determined well, the service factor can be selected below one. However, the service factor must not be less than 0.8. If this is the case...

  • 5 - Montaj pozisyonu sipariş verirken ne kadar önemli?

    The mounting position is of vital importance in terms of oil quantity and level. Depending on the mounting position, additional equipment can be used for lubrication. Our customers should choose th...

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